The C3P Process

Quadrogen technologyQuadrogen’s core proprietary technology — the C3P process — is comprised of up to 4 steps and allows Quadrogen to remove biogas contaminants to unmatched parts-per-billion (ppbv) levels. The Quadrogen C3P Process includes:

1 Condensation
Feed is cooled to condense water and other contaminants such as siloxanes and volatile organic compounds. Condensed liquids are then separated from the gas stream to remove a large proportion of the contaminants without using any adsorbent media.

2 Conversion
Dry feed gas is treated with a hydrogen-assisted catalytic process that converts the broad spectrum of problematic organic contaminants into a known and easily captured set of species.

3 Capture
Specially-formulated sorbent media beds, specifically tailored to the known species produced by the conversion stage, capture the remaining contaminants.

4 Polishing
Biogas is further polished of trace-level contaminants to the parts-per-billion level in a final chemisorption step. This unique polishing step provides reliable protection of downstream equipment, even in the event of spikes in the input gas contaminant levels.


Quadrogen Process

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