Gas Processing

Quadrogen clean-up solutions can be used on gases other than biogas.

Here are two possible applications we have in development:

Associated Gas Conversion to Natural Gas

Substantial amounts of ethane and other non-methane hydrocarbons (NMHCs) are often present in shale gas or associated gas. In many cases, sending the gas to an ethane separation facility is not economically feasible. NMHCs can become a serious problem when they increase the overall gas BTU content beyond what is permitted by natural gas specifications.

Quadrogen can provide gas clean-up systems for efficiently converting NMHCs into methane, so natural gas output is increased while simultaneously removing the high-BTU problem.

Syngas Clean-up

Syngas often contains a number of contaminants, but tars are by far the biggest challenge. If not removed, tars adhere to ducts, heat exchangers, catalysts, and other components, reducing system performance and greatly increasing maintenance costs.

Quadrogen can provide gas clean-up systems to remove these tars in a reliable and cost effective manner. Once the tars have been removed, Quadrogen can also provide modules for removing other contaminants, such as chlorides and sulfur species.

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