Using Quadrogen’s technology, raw biogas from waste water treatment plants, landfills and agricultural digesters can be cleaned and used to power reciprocating engines, gas turbines, and fuel cells. Electricity and heat generated by these systems can be sold or used on-site, creating a source of renewable energy. Our modular clean-up systems are easily scalable, and contaminant removal characteristics can be tailored to meet customer requirements at minimum cost.

Quadrogen Benefits:

Saves money by protecting power plant downstream components:

  • no siloxane-induced deposits in combustion chambers and heat exchangers
  • reduces exhaust system corrosion due to H2S
  • reduces oil degradation and subsequent wear
  • increases life of catalytic converters by removing catalyst poisons.

Reduces emissions:

  • H2S and SOX emissions nearly undetectable
  • NOx emissions reduced with improved performance of NOx catalytic converter.

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