CO2 Fertilization

Most biogas contains 40-50% CO2. Instead of wasting this valuable resource, Quadrogen can help waste water treatment plants, agricultural digesters and landfills clean CO2 from biogas, recycling it for profitable use in greenhouses, hydroponics, algae production and other applications.

Not only is Quadrogen CO2 produced from a renewable source (biogas), but CO2 produced using Quadrogen is significantly cheaper to produce than trucking liquid CO2.

Quadrogen benefits:

Lowest cost CO2 per ton:

  • Allows use of clean-up system most efficient for your situation and geography (Cogeneration or Upgrading), yielding more CO2 and reducing operating costs
  • Innovative combination clean-up system allows CO2 present in biogas and CO2 formed from combustion to be captured and brought to ultra-clean standards.

Green CO2 Production:

  • Allows commercial-grade CO2 to be produced without fossil fuels.

To find out how Quadrogen can help you convert biogas into CO2 for fertilization purposes, please Contact Us.